Monday, September 29, 2008

Food Food Food

So coming along with all the JOYS of Pregnancy, I've lately developed this ravenous appetite, but it's so cravings driven, its insane. Right now I am seriously thinking of packing up my 2 sick daughters and hauling them to Publix so I can get the ingredients to make fresh lime salsa and a HUGE bag of lime flavored tostitos (IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED THESE, YOU MUST!).

So in all my food fascination I've come across some really awesome recipe blogs! Yes, they are great. Caution if you are at all a FOODIE, you might want to skip out, because I can promise you you will be heading out to the grocery store with a list a mile long. (i'm going tonight after FHE ofcourse).

My first, and favorite website so far is or DIP in short. It is awesome! Check it out.

Secondly I found this one

and then there's this....

I'm sure there are a million more, so if you have a favorite please share!

Friday, September 19, 2008

We're cautiously excited

Well., a lot to blog about actually.

I'll start with Tuesday afternoon. No mom wants to get the following call, and when you get your first one you're entitled to a little hysteria and crying right? So...I had just driven Anna's babysitter home, returned to my house and laid down on the couch (explanation for the tiredness to follow) and the phone rings...

Me: "Hello"
Lady: "Hi, Is this Mrs. Weilenmann?"
Me: "Yes, speaking" and I quickly check caller id to see who in the world is so formal...unavailable...hmm...
Lady: "This is Nurse so and so from IB, Katelyn's school."
Me: "yes!?!"
And here I think ok, scenario 1=Lice (insert me screaming here, too tired to deal with that)
Lady: "Katelyn had a little incident on the playground this afternoon," lice...scenario 2=she had an accident, not incident and needs clean clothes...
Me: "Is she ok" of course I mean mentally b/c nothing could be physically wrong
Lady: "Actually Katelyn fell off some monkey bars and has split her chin open and we need you to come immediately b/c I am sure she needs stitches."
Insert wild panic, me jumping off couch, tears coming to my eyes and sheer fear. It wasn't until I picked her up and saw Katelyn calmly holding a pad up to her chin that I realized she was just fine. Phew....panic over...

Thankfully the great pediatricians here (seriously the best peds office I've ever been to) was able to dermabond it. As the dr was gluing it shut I was thinking of Grandpa Cook's response to my cuts after running through the window at good ole' SJHS. (K you can stop laughing now!! I seriously didn't see the window). My Grandpa had to come get me and he said, "you don't need stitches, you just need to super glue it shut, that's what I do." Too bad we didn't develop that technology...

So now to the part of why I was lounging on the couch. Drum roll please....the meaning of the blog titled now revealed....We are going to be adding a new addition to our family! Yes, I am expecting. I've made it to the 12 weeks and now feel cautiously excited. I've had some problems, I had a very common condition called vanishing twin syndrome, and b/c of that I've had to take it real easy and will continue to take it easy for the next month and hope that it has resolved by then. But it's an accomplishment for me to make it this far, so like the post title says, "We're cautiously excited."