Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Part III

On Friday we all went together to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, and it was fantastic. We couldn't resist snapping a quick picture of this handsome line of people. Don't worry we only used the flash before the movie started. We also learned how many buckets of popcorn it takes to feed all of us. It was the most delicious lunch and breakfast for some.

Friday night we had a friend gingerbread competition, a lovely italian pasta night and fun with funny nose cups.

On Saturday thanks to Missy and Jays great planning and Megan and Matthew's babysitting skills we had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Washington DC Temple for sealings. It was such a comforting, blessed experience. My highlight of the trip.

Later that evening Missy came with us to see the house I (Liz) lived in when I was born. It was fun to see. And then we made a night-time run to the monuments of DC. So amazing. Unfortunately this brought us to the end of our trip. And 10 hrs in the car got us home Sunday evening.
Now we are busy planning for next year. Thanks Again Missy and Jay you and your family are remarkable!

Thankgiving Part II

On Thanksgiving Day everyone journeyed downtown to view the National Museums. (With the exception of Liz and Ellie who stayed back the Hotel while Liz was sick). But the rest of the family had a great adventure. If you ever visit DC the Museums are open year round and Thanksgiving day is the perfect time to go. They are usually not crowded, parking is easier to come by and you can see more than a few museums in one day.

On the way to Aunt Missys to meet the crew Anna bit into a glitter pen. I'm sure that's just what Brandon wanted to see when he was starting his day off as the lone parent of the girls. He couldn't resist a picture. I think Anna knows she's in trouble. The best news is we don't think the ink is toxic...she's currently doing fine...though a call to poison control might have been adventagious.

I called Brandon on his cell and found out that the girls were really really tired of walking and pretty cold so he treated them to an IMAX. I LOVE this picture!

Here's the whole crew. We loved getting to know Miranda, Dave, Milo and Kate and Eric better. Milo and Ellie are just a few weeks different in age, they were so cute together...Milo is such a little gentlemen. We learned that Kate is expecting their first later this spring. We are so excited for Eric and her. Dave and Eric Anderson are Brandon's cousins.

I felt bad to miss out on that fun adventure, but thankfully felt pretty good that night to enjoy the incredible Thankgiving dinner at the Livingstons. A wonderful feast included my very favorite stuffing balls, rolls, onion gravy and cranberry relish.

Thanksgiving in Virginia

We had a great trip to Virginia/DC this past week. It was so much fun to see the Livingstons, the Andersons and the Andersons... Here are a few highlights from the trip.

This was our favorite exhibit of the entire zoo, the green tongued cuties. I think they are an endagered species, because they don't come any cuter than these 3.

On our entire drive from South Carolina Katelyn and Anna kept saying the only animal they wanted to see at the zoo were the elephants. When we first arrived at the zoo we found the exhibit was under construction and there were NO ELEPHANTS TO BE FOUND. Insert Parent Panic now!!! Thankfully on our way back to car we heard an incredible roar; truth that prayers are answered =).
So...we journeyed up the hill and what to our suprise should appear, but 3 giant African elephants and a 7 year-old grinning from ear to ear...

See the relief in my smile? That pink mound of blankets is Ellie Bells.

So front of the "Anna"condas.

The Nutcracker

We love this time of year! The girls have the opportunity to dance in a great production of the Nutcracker. This year Anna was incredible as a baby mouse and Katelyn sure acted the part of the Toy Soldier.