Tuesday, July 14, 2009

more pictures from UT/CO


Our Summer Trip to UT and CO

Well it seems like it takes the same force needed to move mountains to get anything posted on our blog. But I'm sure all 2 of our followers are patient enough...

Things are a bit crazy with 3 girls. Somedays I might manage a shower, and on a really good day I even get make up on, and on a really really good day (doesn't happen often) I get my hair done as well.

Anyways, enough with the insanity that is my truly loved life....

This summer we went home to Utah for Justin and Amy's Wedding (Welcome Amy!!!); Ellie's baby blessing; a trip to Pogosa Springs, CO with Steve and Carolyn; a 10 year class reunion; the Fourth of July in Blanding; and a few days in Midway, UT!

Our trip this year included a LOT of driving, some harrowing cliff face climbs, a few history lessons, and many other fun adventures...

Brandon, Anna and Peter tubing down the San Juan River in Pogosa Springs...the guy at the tube shop said they weren't renting tubes because the river was too high. This guy was huge and he told us, "I wouldn't go down myself." So...being the industrious, smart people we are... we decided to rent the life jackets and buy our own tubes (yes we took one home...all the way to SC) and go down the dangerously high river with our young kids... We tried it out on Peter and Anna first. If they survived we knew we'd be ok....jk...the adults went first and then we took the kids. I say "we" in the loosest of terms, since I, myself, did not participate.

Ellie's baby blessing. Funny girl was pleasant the entire day with exception to during her blessing. She fussed the whole time. Brandon passed to her the most beautiful blessing.

Justin and Amy's wedding. Congrats guys! It was a beautiful day.