Saturday, February 14, 2009

A much needed update

Well I've once again slipped into the black hole of no blogging. I just need to get back in the routine of posting regularly...oh wait! I've never been there. Any suggestions on how you all do such a great job of update would be greatly appreciated.

So I'm curious...what are all of your favorite girl names? We think we have one in mind, but I like to be fully informed before I make such a HUGE decision.

We are scheduled for a c-section (yes such a lovely thought) on March 27th @ 8am. We are blessed to have Grandma Lou coming for 2 weeks to be with the girls and help me get back on my feet. We are so excited for the baby to arrive and can't believe we have a little less than 6 weeks until she comes.

I am busy finishing up a class and playing room mom and YW's President. Somedays it feels like a ton to carry, but I am so grateful for the experiences I am growing from each and every day.

This year the YW General Presidency asked the YW and the leaders to do 3 things and I think they apply universally to all so I'm going to pass along the challenge to those who read this...

1. Pray morning and night
2. Read 5 mins in the Book of Mormon each day
3. Smile!!

I just love the 3 things. I am trying to do them everyday and the days I score 100% I feel like a different person. Give it a try!

Well I'll try to get some pictures updated soon.

Have a wonderful Happy Valentines!!!!