Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas on Hilton Head

Christmas is always a little different without extended family around to spend time with, but we filled our day with lots of family bonding and fun.
On Christmas Eve Katelyn was so excited she could not fall asleep, it was 12:30 am when she finally dozed off. Needless to say Brandon and I got to bed much later. Then wouldn't you know it, around 5 am Anna woke up and despite our best efforts to coax her back to sleep she showed up in our room around 6 fully dressed. At that point, being pregnant, slightly grumpy and very tired I retreated to the guest room and left Brandon to take care of Anna. (thank you!)
Thankfully with a "snuggle buggle" Anna was able to fall back to sleep and we ended up getting more rest than we originally thought we would.
Christmas morning was so much fun. The girls had a great time opening and playing with each present. We had a nice breakfast casserole and listened to favorite Christmas songs. Without family close by we've started the tradition of going to a Christmas day buffet (much easier on me!). So later that day we headed out to the buffet, it was delicious. I think Anna and Katelyn ate more dessert than actual food, but hey, it's Christmas. After the lunch we walked out to the beach. It was 75 degrees here in Hilton Head, beautiful beach weather.

The girls were dressed in their Christmas dresses for the lunch and wore them to the beach. They had a great time! We even ran in the water, it was COLD.

When you don't have snow you compromise. The girls made snow, I mean SAND angels and even engaged in a snowball, whoops, Sand fight. Just like being in Utah, but not quite as cold or wet.

It was so nice and warm out on the beach, I wished I had my shorts.

This sign is a tradition as well. We took their picture by it last year. This year they really hammed it up.

Christmas Eve excitement

All of our loved ones were in our thoughts and prayers on Christmas Day. We hope you all had a truly blessed season and that you felt the light and love of our Savior on this day of celebration of His life and His birth and His ministry.

I loved what Elder Uchtdorf said in the First Presidency Christmas Devotional about light. He said when he sees the lights of Christmas he remembers the light the Savior is to the world. The lights I saw this Christmas Season took on that same meaning. May the lights of the coming year continue to serve as the same reminder for all of us...

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008