Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Atlanta Pictures

Amazing Atlanta

The Georgia Aquarium
We arrived in Atlanta in plenty of time to visit the Georgia Aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in the world. Our favorite exihibit was the beluga whales. They were incredible and would come right close up to the glass. The girls were in heaven.

Behind us was a huge tank with a couple whale sharks in it. The marine biologist told us that a whale shark's throat is the size of a quarter. Thank goodness! If not it could swallow all of us alive at once!~

The Atlanta Temple

Our main purpose in going to Atlanta was to also visit the temple. Our closest temple in in Columbia, SC. It was really neat to visit the Temple in Atlanta. The girls loved running up and down the hill out front (for those in Utah, think Manti type hills). I remember visiting my great-grandmother in Manti and spending the afternoon rolling down the hill out front of the temple. It was fun to see my kids doing the same thing, except thousands of miles away.

The girls looks so small compared to the temple. They kept singing, "I love to see the Temple" And at one point they were trying to open the door to go in.

The flowers were so beautiful and the people there were so kind.

We loved Atlanta!