Sunday, February 14, 2010

It Snowed

I can't believe I'm writing these words, but Friday night, IT SNOWED. Yes, here on an Island, it snowed. We had heard rumors that it might, but last time this happened it didn't snow and we had two very dissapointed little girls.

Brandon and I had gone out with some friends to dinner and a movie, when we walked out of dinner it was SNOWING. I hurried and called the babysitter and told her. So the girls got to play in it, their favorite part was eating it. Silly girls! Here on the island it didn't stick to the ground, but our friends who live about 15 miles west on the mainland had enough snow to make snowmen. Amazing!

It was fun to see, but we're all very glad that it's gone. Now if it'd just warm up a bit...40 is cold! I know I'm whining, but we are wimps now.

In other news, it's been 5 years since we moved to Hilton Head. 5 years! We have now more than doubled our old recored of 22 months (Anaheim, CA). I feel like I could live here forever, in this very house. I love it here, I love the comfort of our home. I know that it's probably unlikely that we'll live in this house forever. I realize now that when we leave here, if we ever leave here...I will be a mess. This is where two of my three girls were born, I brought them home to this home, this is all they know. I've watched Katelyn excel at reading, piano and rollerblading in this home. I've seen her grow from a toddler bed to the top bunk, I've kissed her skinned knees and cuddled her tight.

I've watched Anna crawl, run (she didn't do much walking) and grow up into the most amazing 4 year old ever. I've heard her sing, watched her dance and cried with her when she's gotten hurt. This is all she knows.

And Ellie, who is almost 1 (CRAZY) was brought home to this house. I've watched her crawl, and now stand and become close to walking. I've heard her sweet sounds from the corner bedroom and seen her playing in the toilet (yuck, not something I want to remember!).

Regardless. All this has happened here in this home....I know there will be many more incredible memories to come in this home. I am SO looking forward to every single one.

And in final thoughts: Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beautiful Places, Smiling Faces

When you come to Hilton Head,

Cause' we know you can't resist.

We'll let you sleep in our comfy guest bed,

And be showered by the beach mist.

And when you come to Hilton Head,

Ya'll won't be let down.

On a wonderful journey you'll be lead,

that'd wipe away any frown.

So when you come to Hilton Head,

Cause' we're sure you're on your way.

To Beautiful places ya'll be sped,

With smiling faces to brighten your day.

In other words....COME VISIT!!!!