Friday, October 12, 2007

updating some of our summer fun

Ok, so if anyone is even reading this blog, you're probably thinking, this was a long time ago. But since I'm catching up I'm going to post about our fun summer.

This HOT summer, we had a great visit with Lisa and Spencer. It was so fun to have them back here in SC with us. I think it was the hottest week on record. It was the first time I noticed legs do sweat. It was really really hot.

We did a lot of time at the beach and the pool and had so much fun at that. We did most of our sightseeing by car, in the ac.

It's always hard to say Good-bye, this visit went by way too fast. We hope Lisa and Spencer and all our family get to come visit us again soon. take this as your open invitation.

Our Precious Turtle Sally

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Sally the Turtle. Well let me tell you the story, it's a good one. One Saturday afternoon Brandon took Katelyn golfing, around the time they got done I got a phone call. "Hi mom, it's Katelyn,"

I respond, "Hi, katelyn, how was golfing?"

"It was so fun! and guess what mom, we got a new pet!"

"Really? What kind of pet?!!"

"A turtle, we found it"

"Let me talk to your dad"

"Ok, mom. The Turtle's name is Sally."

Dad gets on, "Hi Liz, we had so much fun."

"What about a turtle?"

"We caught a turtle and we're bringing it home."

"Where is this turtle?"

"In my golf bag."

"Hm...ok, how big is this turtle."


"Ok, sounds fun..." notice my excitement

Well the rest of the story is, we put Sally in a tank, gave her yummy salad to eat and a tree frog for a friend, and all night Saturday night no one slept. Sally kept clawing at the tank to try and get out. So needless to say Sunday we had a "bye, bye, Sally party" at the docks and sent her to live with the other turtles. Oh and the fate of the frog? Let's just say that very hungry fish live in the water...poor frog.

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit. We had a wonderful time with them. We really hope they can come again soon.

Our trip to the sweltering pumpkin patch

Happy Halloween!!!!

Ok not yet, but close enough. Katelyn had Tuesday off of school so we, and our playgroup hitched up the wagons and took off for a pumpkin patch about 45 mins away. I had bought these halloween shirts after season last year and was not going to let any opportunity to get my .75 cents worth out of them.

So even though it was 92 degrees (yes, this is Oct. in SC) I dressed the girls in their festive shirts. And like a good mother brought short sleeve shirts along just in case they started to melt. And yes these shirts are indicative of me...CANDY CORN QUEEN!!!

Miss Martha at the pumpkin patch was so wonderful, she had her staff paint the kids faces, almost all chose cats, and hitched up the trailer and truck for a hayride. The girls also fed goats cheerios, (Anna loved this), and threw the cheerios at the pigs.

Then we picked up our pumpkins while watching out for red ant beds. This pumpkin harvest experience differs greatly from past years...we were minus the coats, gloves, hot chocolate and snow....Toto, we're not in Utah anymore...
We hope you all have a wonderful Halloween...