Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving trip

Every year we are so blessed to be invited to our loving family's home up North. We love sharing Thanksgiving with them. We had a great time again this year and look forward to seeing everyone again soon. Thanks so much for everything!!!

This first picture is katelyn asking "are we there yet?"
"No Honey, we just got on the freeway."

Anna loves her pacifiers...

At the Zoo

Nutcracker Time!

Drum roll please.....Katelyn performed in the Nutcracker Ballet the week before Thanksgiving. Last year she was the cutest mouse around, and this year she was the cutest cook around. You already know from my previous post that she is also a magician in the kitchen so the roll she danced was a perfect fit.

She danced 3 performances and did an excellent job. Please enjoy the pictures. Her favorite part was getting to wear stage makeup.

Katelyn makes lunch

A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon when I wasn't feeling terribly well, Katelyn decided to "make lunch" for everyone. We had yummy concoctions, such as bread, covered in chocolate syrup and laced with m&m's and sweet tarts. We had fruit loops on the side, a little bit of left over mexican rice, and cheesy popcorn. YUMMY. Oh and for a second course, we had go-gurts in a bowl mixed with rice, popcorn, bread, water, and chocolate bars.

During the course of this I was upstairs unaware that Anna had ventured downstairs b/c "cherry" had offered her a "treat". When I came downstairs I was overcome with the smell of chocolate syrup. Anna had literally been drinking it straight. It was on the couch, the carpet, the floor, Anna's hands, hair and mouth. Needless to say Anna had quite the bellyache. But we all had a great time. And if you ever visit, we'll make sure Katelyn makes "lunch" for you too! That should be incentive enough.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

We hope you all had a marvelous halloween. We had a great time.
Anna and Katelyn were both very excited about trick-or-treating. Anna was little red riding hood and Katelyn was Ariel (yes we spray painted her hair red). Even though Halloween is over Katelyn is sporting pink hair to school today. We hope the rest of the dye washes out very soon. After we sprayed Katelyn's hair she looked in the mirror and started to cry. I told her we could wash it out immediately. I was kind of nervous it wouldn't come out and was secretly hoping she'd want to wash it out. But she chose to have it in for the whole night. I was assured by many people, that, "yes, it will come out......eventually...." this was the verdict from a hairdresser in our Branch...

We've been greatly blessed to have such wonderful friends and loved ones here in SC. We were able to go to a Halloween party last night, full of kitty litter rice, witches fingers, bathwater to drink, eyeballs to munch on and many other fine delicacies...YUMMY

Anna Turns 2!!!!!

Palmetto Bluff

Palmetto Bluff

While my mom and dad were here we visited a fun place called Palmetto Bluff. The girls had a great time posing for pictures and running wild around the area.