Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My little sweet girl

Is Growing Up!!!

What was I worried about...Ellie is CRAWLING and she is a master at it. Not only has she discovered her body can move in tandum, she has also discovered that her abs and arms are strong enough to pull her body to the standing crayons or coloring books will ever be safe again!!!

Ellie's also realized that when she's REALLY LOUD someone will come to take care of her. And she NEEDS lots of takin' care of....

Ells has found the joy of solid food and I get to take care of the EVIDENCE every single day.

Ells has also found that she really really likes to INVESTIGATE. I caught her doing some "investigating" in my closet. I was 4 feet from her and this is what she did....


In other family news....Katelyn is doing great at school, piano and ballet. Anna has decided to try soccer and is giving ballet a break (mom really needed it, Tuesdays were miserable.) While watching a football game with Brandon Anna announced, "When I play soccer I'm going to do that..." referring to a quaterback sack...should we warn the other parents?