Sunday, August 31, 2008

More pics from our trip to Utah

This is what Katelyn did first at the Blanding Pool. She jumped!
Again and again! What a brave girl. I think I was 12 when I finally dared to do it
Come to find out Anna snuck next door and kittennapped a baby kitten....
I love this picture! Grandpa Cook and the girls

This is from my grandparents cabin, we had a rainy day there. It was a blast. That's Grandpa Phil pushing the girls on the same swingset I grew up with...Yes family it's still there with some new wooden slabs for chairs, It's fixed by the great Grandpa Cook.

Grandma Cook and Katelyn pruning the rose garden

Anna, Katelyn, a friend, Josh, Keira (Bex's beautiful kids) and Grandma Lou

It was so fun to have a great playdate at the park with the "gals" Yes, we did bring our kids, ALL OF THEM see the next pictures. I am the only one there who had girls...maybe some boy genes will rub off on me...

Everyone looked great and it was so much fun to catch up! I wish I lived closer to you all. You're all amazing mothers and friends!

See all the boys?

This is what happened moments after that final picture. Ginger rode her bike home in THIS. Hope you weren't too wet!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our trip to Utah

Well we had quite the eventful time in Utah. It began 2 days prior to our actual departure. I was awoken by the sound of Katelyn vomiting. Aggh....poor thing, and did I mention, my worst nightmare. Katelyn seemed tired when Monday rolled around, but hadn't thrown up for over 24 hours so we figured we were "safe" and we left. Well Katelyn started vomiting again on the airplane (imagine all the other THRILLED passengars...) and during our layover Anna started in on the fun. Unfortunately the bug continued to grow and infect others. We hope one day our family will forgive the way WE ARE SO SORRY....again!
Well after 1 week, yes one week of stomach illness our family was finally well. Then it continued through, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and future aunts (so sorry Aubrey, we hope you know how excited we are to have you join our family...what a welcoming gift!).
We still managed to have an incredible time that week and so much fun in the following week. Please enjoy the pictures. Brandon is an incredible photographer!

Katelyn and Grandpa

Katelyn and Brownie

All the cousins...they had a great time (when they weren't sick!)

Aunt Lisa, one of the girls favorite people in the whole world!

Me and my angel!!!!!

Anna contemplating life and love at the old Park City silver mine


Katelyn and I on the Park City ski lift

Three brothers - Justin, Joshua, Brandon

24th of July celebration with family in Midway

Katelyn and Great Grandpa Dahl

Joshua and Aubrey

Blue Eyes!!

Family night at the baseball game

Annual trip to the Uintas

Katelyn and her cousin Jessica in Millcreek canyon